My name is Richard Hillström, I am the owner of Qreed IT Consulting AB and work as Consultant DBA, mostly SQL Server but have worked with Oracle, Sybase and MySQL too.

I live in Stockholm Sweden which is lovely during the summer, the image in the header is taken south of Stockholm, we are on our way to Gotland visiting some friends.

In my spare time I workout, spend time with family and friends, trade on the forex market and also help out with trading strategys and coding indicators and EA’s over at http://www.bunkerforexforum.com/


What does a DBA do really?

Good to have when the boss asks 🙂   Installations (Configuration/Disk/File placements/Maxdop/Memory/Collation/Version/Pachlevel/Cost threshold….)   Upgrades (See above…)   Configurations (Database options and instance configuration…….)   Sizing (SAN/Network/Memory/CPU/Have to be a hardware wiz too)   Performance tuning (Indexes/IO/CPU/Wait stats/SQL Plans/TSQL/EF/Plan cache/Buffer cache/…)   Backup (Time taken/IO Performance/Network Performance/Impact on Prod/Secondary backups/Configuration/Test/Disk/Networker/Scripts/Alarms/)   Restore (See backups, plus …